New Service Request

Welcome to the Gonzales County Water Supply Corporation Community.  Please contact our office by phone -or- you can print out the Service Application and Agreement to apply for new service. We will need a copy of of your deed.  Please note that water meters are only in the name of the landowner. Water meters are placed on the land in the deed with ONE meter per house.  Water line extensions shall be paid for by the applicant for new sevice and transferred to the Corporation.  We look forward to serving your water needs.

Customers who have purchased a piece of property with an existing active meter will also have to fill out a Service agreement, provide the Corporation with a copy of the deed and get a transfer form signed by the previous owner and the new owner.  The cost to transfer a meter account is $50.

Customers who have purchased property with an empty meter box will need to fill out a Service Agreement, provide the Corporation with a copy of the deed and fill out a Reconnect Agreement.  The cost to reconnect a vacant account is $300.